"During pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which meant that I had to keep to a low-sugar and low-fat diet. It was something very new for me as I had never worried too much about my diet. I searched for Elena´s advice to create a nutritional plan for me and thanks to her support and help I manager to keep diabetes under control during the whole pregnancy without any need to inject insulin. The baby was born healthy with a perfect weight and straight after I was discharged from hospital the diagnosis was removed. Elena has an incredible vast knowledge of everything relation to healthy eating and I am amazed by the amount of things I learnt at her consultations. I couldn’t be more grateful for all her help."

E. G.

"For me, Detox program turned out to be a huge experience that helped me to observe myself, my body, my way of life and my food. A time to think and come to some very interesting conclusions. It turned out that I enjoy my afternoon with friends not only having coffee with cakes or cookies, but also having herbal tea with apples, and my body votes for apples. :) It turned out that coffee is not that necessary to feel good in the morning, I can perfectly do without it and I feel better. And so many other insights. I liked the experience of working in a group, the friendly atmosphere of people sharing the same goal. During these 4 weeks I introduced new dishes in our family meals and even prepared a homemade hummus. I also lost 4 kgs in 4 weeks. "


"My expectations from Antidiet program were 100% fulfilled. It is not only healthy eating and purifying program, it is the change in my way of life, it is understanding that many of the things I was eating on a daily basis, are absolutely unnecessary. The experience of online communication in the closed Facebook group, turned out to be very convenient, Elena was always available and supportive, she was all the time encouraging us, explaining things and correcting our mistakes. In general, the only complicated week was the first one, when I had to reduce the sugar, refined and fried foods. From then, I got very enthusiastic to go on, and fulfill my objectives. Now, when the 4 weeks have passed, I feel really good and I have lost 8 kgs . I would like to repeat the program in 6 months, and I transmit my gratitude to Elena and all my companions for this wonderful experience. "


"When I read about detox program, I had my doubts, I was not sure I would be able to finalize it successfully, but I really wanted to stop eating sweets, cookies, other things that I was not able to maintain under control. Finally, i decided to participate, and that was really great! In these 4 weeks, I lost weight, and now I am proud to be wearing things that spent years in m wardrobe, as they were too small for me, so I feel really happy. The program resulted to be really educative for me, I discovered a lot of new things: now I know how to combine different foods, what can I drink, if I don't drink coffee, I can eat healthy and make right choices even if I eat out. I discovered chia seeds, fruit breakfasts, natural banana ice cream. The most interesting moment was my business trip, team building week end. I felt really good, that I felt really well, with my healthy food, my colleagues spent 2 days eating chocolates and French fries, and I was very happy I did not have any craving for this kind of things, and I just felt surprised the others did. During the 4th week of the program, I had a feeling, I wanted to eat everything, I did not eat in first 3 weeks, but the group, and Elena, helped me to cope with this feeling . Now I only have one problem: there are so many interesting ways and recipes in healthy eating, so many things I would like to try, that I don't know where to start. "