I promote simple, vitalistic, healing, nutrient rich, no doubt healthy, food.

  • The basis is a plant based diet (I let you know the best option and you decide how many animal based products you need in you day to day routine, to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, we are not living in a black and white world :)).
  • Free of highly processed products
  • Free from sugar and refined flours
  • Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
  • Easily digestive and energizing


One consultation (online or face to face) per week, where we define your action planand your personalized diet for the week, we speak about what you enjoy, your whims, your friends and enemies while you make your food choices, we set the guidelines to overcome the challenges of this journey. The food is something that was given to us for pleasure. We will learn how to enjoy natural food, how not to be scared of sweets, in a word, how to live healthier and happier life.

I think the digits on the balance are very important, but the key thing is what they consist of.

Example: Our muscles weigh more than our fat, so if you do things right: eat healthy and practice a lot of sport, it is possible that in one week you lose some fat and gain some muscle. It could cause the digits on the weighing scales to increase in number. You might get desperate looking at the numbers. Your jeans fit you better, but you do not even notice it as you tend to measure your success by the digits that you see on the weighing scales.

That is why I do not pay attention to the numbers, I pay attention to the health and wellbeing!