Try our new Detox program , make a present to your health!

  • Are you really busy and do not find time to take an appointment for the consultation?
  • Do you feel lonely in the battle for your health and need support?
  • Is your work schedule complicated, so you cannot make long term plans?
  • Have you promised yourself so many times to change your eating habits , but you are never motivated enough to really change them?

Our Detox plan is for you!

Everything is done online, in a closed Facebook group, so you can make it at the moment , that suits you best. Any time you have a break, you can connect, get the information, resolve your doubts, get inspired and supported by the rest of the group, feel a member of the group where people share your goals, have similar problems and similar motivation.

Only 4 weeks can change your health and your life!

Contact us with no commitment, we will be happy to send you a full description of the Detox program, dates of the next Detox, price, special offers and answers to all your questions.