About me

About me

Hi, I am Elena Donina, expert in natural and holistic nutrition and nutritional coach.

I do not like diets, because on the one hand, they spoil our health, but on the other hand, we lose kilos, which then come back and bring their friends with them!

So what can we do? We can change our eating habits, find healthy approach to feed ourselves and at the same time adapt to a new way of healthy eating, which will allow us to enjoy life and the food itself.

I am very fond of healthy nutrition. It is my passion, and I have dedicated a lot of my time to study it from different angles, I am convinced that I can help you to find the nutritional system that will finally put an end to the traditional Diet concept: the time when you deprive yourself of everything and suffer in order to lose weight.

I think that our weight and physical appearance are very important, but our health is even more important and the key to our health, is to know what to eat.

... I invite you to this exciting and very interesting trip! I will be happy to accompany you! I promise, you will feel good, lose weight and get healthier!